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Things Around Us

We all love to look at great landscapes or wonderful pieces of architecture, but how many times do we stop and look at the things around us?

The everyday objects that are there will us all the time?

Taking a little time out to look at these objects can really make you appreciate them and how they fit into your lives.

Firstly, let's look at the absolute beauty of the spider web. Crafted and built between objects to set a trap for unsuspecting insects that will provide food for the web builder.

This image was shot during a light rain shower.

a spiders web between holly leaves
The Spiders Web

But it is not just the daylight and the natural world where the webs are built. You will often see them on man-made structures, practically invisible in the darkness. However, shine a little light on them and a spectacular sight emerges!

spiders webs at night time
Night Time Web

In this modern world, lots and lots of people visit gyms and fitness centres, in an attempt to stay fit and healthy.

Row upon row of dumbells lie there waiting to be picked up and lifted.

a row of dumbells in the gym
The Dumbells

Most people these days will have access to or drive a car and of course, those beautiful magazine shots of a sleek sports car always are attractive.

But even the most simple part of the vehicle can look quite amazing if you take the time to study it.

a car wheel and tyre on a paved car park
The Wheel and Tyre

The weather in the UK during the winter time can be challenging for all sports teams, the pitches are often frozen and waterlogged - and this is where the 4g pitch comes into its own.

Standing pitchside in the murky evening air gives you some perspective.

the white line on a 4g football pitch

Our final image in this set comes from closer to the home.

Copper pipes are visually impressive and when they are formed and welded together with other pieces, they form some pretty fantastic plumbing.

copper tubes forming some plumbing
The Plumbing

The things around us are always interesting to me, I like to study them and see what makes them work, what makes them useful, and how I might photograph them.


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