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The Seashore

All around the coast of the UK, there are some wonderful stretches of shoreline, offering up some tremendous sights and eye-catching objects.

Over the years I have captured images of the seashore and some of the things that I have found on my travels and I will now share them with you here.

This large pebble really caught my eye one day as the tide was coming in on a pebbled beach in North Wales - all the other smaller pebbles were smooth and clean, but this had green strands of seaweeds all over the top, almost like it had a head of hair.

Pebbles on a beach with a large one with green seaweed on it.

Sometimes, you don't need to get that up close and personal with the seashore to appreciate its raw beauty.

Taking a step back can often open up a view that is just as pleasing and I saw that with the next image, looking out over the harsh pebbled beach across the flat calm sea out to the horizon.

A pebbled beach, sea and the horizon.

However, when you do get up close to the shoreline, you see a whole new world hidden away, especially at low tide when you can explore some of the rock pools that are partly submerged in seawater and partly exposed.

Under those rocks would be all kinds of small sea creatures from crabs to small fish, all just trapped until the high tide returns.

A small rockpool with lots of seaweed.

Sea creatures are hardy and adaptable, you can see that when you look at the barnacles and the limpets stuck firmly to the pink rocks at low tide. There is clearly a plan here with the way they are clustered and aligned, quite remarkable really.

Barnacles and limpets stuck to the pink rock.

Some of the rocks right on the shoreline never really get out of the grip of the water and these quite often become overgrown with seaweed, but they do create a superb image of the coast.

Green seaweed covers the rocks as the tide comes in.

The final image in this set shows some driftwood that was washed up on the pebbles, one end of the branch is burned, so maybe it was on shore, then thrown into the sea before washing up here.

Driftwood on the shoreline as the tide comes in.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of the seashore and if you have time, then why not look at some of my other posts, which cover all sorts of topics and places?

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