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A Winters Tale

The cold dark evenings are now upon us, the howling wind and the driving rain, cutting deep are all signs that Winter is here.

When winter arrives in the UK, the world stops, even the lightest dusting of snow seems to bring the day-to-day activities to a grinding halt.

A low mist seems to settle and never really clear some days, and the landscape is shrouded in cold.

The snow and ice of Winter time in the UK

If you are ever near rocks and caves in winter, you will discover that the water that used to drip-drop around you has actually now frozen into little icicles.

I captured this image in a shallow cave in the Peak District as we sheltered from the snowstorm outside.

icicles in a cave in winter time

Of course, when the snow comes, it often comes on strong - white cold flakes all around cover everything and pile up centimeters deep on the leaves and branches.

heavy snow on the trees in Winter

The ice grabs all signs of life and surrounds it, small branches that dangled into the canal are quickly choked with ice, freezing them in their own little capsules of cold.

frozen leaves in a stream in winter time

As the sun sets on a very cold day, the sky is simply beautiful, with its deep blue hue and I loved these icicles dangling down outside as the last remnants of sunshine weakly faded away over the horizon.

a long icicle and deep blue sky in winter time


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