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The Natural World

Every part of the world has its own unique features, things that set it apart from anywhere else and that help define it to the people who live there. It's all part of the Natural World around us.

The northern part of Europe, particularly the UK is known for its different weather patterns and for its lush green environment, which changes as winter grabs hold to unveil all kinds of colours.

But let's start this little tour in Spring as it moves towards the warmer weather - all the plants start to grow as they come out of winter and quite soon the seeds of new life begin to show themselves.

Green acorns grow ready to fall to the ground and mature into new oak trees that can often live on for hundreds of years.

green acorns growing on a tree

Spring sees all the new growth and the starting point for the new life and as the sun gets closer to the earth and begins to warm it up, this growth explodes to produce the amazing colour of the fields.

These kinds of views are really typical of the northern part of Europe, with the wide expansive green fields basking under a huge blue sky, dotted with the odd white puff of cloud.

grass growing in heat of summer

The hedgerows are full of tall green grass and the weeds really take hold - all this is vital to the spread of the pollen and continued growth for years to come.

The sun really does work in tandem with the summer rain storms to produce the life that you can see all around - one week the grass is cut and a few days later it is ankle-high and the job starts all over again.

All too soon, the summer is over though, the days get shorter, the sun gets weaker and the natural world starts to die away.

The lush green leaves start to morph into all kinds of different colours and drop to the floor to decay and provide the nutrients for the next phase of the natural world.

fallen autumn leaves on the ground

The world around us is quite magnificent, with so many different passages of life, and so many different images to capture. I hope you have enjoyed these.


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