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The Streets of Manchester

Usually covered with rain and quite often also shrouded in grey skies the streets of Manchester always catch the eye with their architecture and grit.

Of course, it's not always wet and miserable, sometimes the blue sky and sunshine can actually break through and provide some warmth and peace.

Deansgate has changed over the years, becoming less congested with traffic and more bike and people-friendly.

The view along Deansgate in the centre of Manchester

Running parallel with Deansgate, is Corporation Street, the scene of the IRA bomb that transformed the city and home to the world's toughest post box.

Whilst the city around it was blasted to pieces, somehow this red box survived.

(And yes, the rain is back again).

The red post box on Corporation Street in Manchester

Intersecting between the two is King Street with its array of high-end shops and stores, art galleries, and cafes.

The architecture of some of the buildings is jaw-dropping and none more so than the Boodles store.

The Boodles store on King Street in Manchester

A little further up King Street is the little alley that connects through to St Ann's Church and its famous square.

This cut-through is a well-used thoroughfare by the thousands of Mancunians who use it every day as they make their way from the car parks, bus stops, and train stations to their final destination.

The Old Exchange in Manchester off King Street

After walking through the alley and entering St Ann's Square you have numerous options but one that is a favourite of mine is Old Bank Street - a narrow and direct route, lined with stores and cafes.

Old Bank Street in Manchester

Now talking of banks, Manchester like most towns and cities has lots of old bank buildings long since vacated by their original financial wizards.

The building's architecture is quite stunning and "Browns" at the top of King Street is one such venue, just look at it! Wow!

Browns, the old bank in Manchester

We have to include a symbol of the city on this little tour around its streets - the ever-industrious and hard-working Bee.

I love this little piece of artwork on West Mosley Street - just beautiful.

The Bee on the walls of West Mosley Street in Manchester


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