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The City of Liverpool

The streets of the city of Liverpool run all the way down to the River Mersey and onto the Irish Sea, and the architecture is stunning along the way.

I haven't visited the city recently and thought it would be good to take a look in the bright winter sunshine, albeit with a biting cold wind, reminding me that we are still in the grips of the season.

Of course, the most familiar image of the city is the waterfront.

the waterfront of the city of liverpool

Like many other visitors to the city, the journey starts and ends at the distinctive Lime Street railway station with its curved, glass, and steel domed roof.

The metalwork blends in well with the stone entranceway and windows and the cascading steps out into the city.

Once out of the station and down the steps, you are ready to explore.

Looking across from the entrance to the railway station and you are hit by a huge, monumental building, St George's Hall with all its stone columns and steps. It dominates the landscape.

In front of the Hall, there are lots of small statues and the city's Cenotaph but these seem to disappear into the surroundings, such is the size and scale of the Hall itself.

However, an even more impressive structure dwarfs them all.

The Radio City tower.

the radio city tower in liverpool

Walking past the Hall and the tower, across the road, and through the more modern environment of the bus station, you will arrive on Victoria Street and you will then see the ornate and very striking entrance to the Dixie Dean Hotel.

the dixie dean hotel in liverpool

For those not familiar with the name, read more about him - an amazing footballer who has an incredible record for Everton and England.

As you walk along Victoria Street there are a few other streets that crisscross at various points, all with different buildings to catch your eye, but I particularly loved the curved front of the Midlands Goods building on Crosshall Street.

The curved facade of the Midlands Goods Warehouse

Walk a little further, take a right and you will arrive on Dale Street, one of the more well-known thoroughfares in the city. A straight road that takes you all the way down to the River Mersey.

Before you get to the river you get to the town hall and directly opposite, Castle Street. I really liked the way the sun caught the red bricks of the left-hand side of Castle Street whilst the sandstone of the right-hand side remained bathed in shade.

The street was full of cafes and bars and places to go and sit and have a coffee or a beer, a real sea change to its financial heritage.

The view along Castle Street in the centre of Liverpool

We reach our final destination by just carrying on from Dale Street into Water Street and the view of the iconic Liver Buildings on the waterfront.

The view along Water Street to the Liver Buildings

Spinning around and you will get to see the joyous architecture of this area, such an array of craftsmanship.

the architecture of the city of liverpool

No trip to Liverpool would be complete without a closer view of those Liver birds perched high up on their stone vantage points, almost guarding and protecting the city from harm.

the liver birds in liverpool

There is some magnificent architecture in the city of Liverpool, lots of places to eat and drink and a good train service to get there.

Why don't you take a look sometime?


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