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Southport Style

Located on the coast of northwest England, the seaside town of Southport has always had a great sense of style.

The town itself lies about halfway between Liverpool and Preston and casts its eye out over the Irish Sea, close to the Ribble Estuary.

The current town skyline shows a mix of the old red brick Victorian houses and sea-front hotels with the new steel and glass structures that have developed over the last few decades.

Southport on the coast of northwest England

If you are able to stand on that seafront and look out towards the Irish Sea, then on most occasions you will see sand and lots of it.

The urban myth is that the sea never comes in at Southport, of course, it does, but the pan-flat beach makes for a spectacular view at low tide and you can see where the myth originates.

Southport on the coast of northwest England

Between the sea-front and the actual coastal road, there is a magnificent marine lake, complete with cast iron bridges and small islands.

Looking one way you can see the bridges and the numerous small pleasure boats enjoying the calm waters and sunshine.

Southport on the coast of northwest England

Looking the other way, you get a real sense of where the old meets the new. The starting of the Pier, which is thought to be the first "pleasure" pier built in the UK, runs right next to the steel and concrete bridge with its pillars reaching for the clouds above.

Southport on the coast of northwest England

"Funland" is still very much part of the town, retaining its typical British seaside feel, but perhaps not as tacky as its near neighbours.

Southport on the coast of northwest England

Finally, no trip to Southport would ever be complete without a walk along that famous pier, reaching out over the sands for what seems forever.

I love this pier, not only because it is a pier full of history, but for its architectural amazement, I mean, just look at those arches and light fittings, incredible!

Southport on the coast of northwest England

Southport will always be a popular place to visit, Southport is pleasant and enjoyable and Southport has style.

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