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Looe in Cornwall

There are some lovely little towns and villages dotted along the coast of Cornwall in the South West of England and one of them is Looe.

The town itself is split in half by the River Looe, providing an East Looe shoreline and of course, a West Looe shoreline. The River Looe forms an estuary with the sea and a natural harbour for the many fishing boats and pleasure craft moored up there.

Looe in Cornwall

The sea has a tidal effect on the river at this point and during the low tide, the boats are grounded before the waters lift them up ready to sail on again.

There is quite a regimented "parking" control as you can see below.

Boats moored up in Looe Harbour

The town itself is small with narrow streets and lots of small tourist traps selling gifts and beach gear - the fishing boats line up next to the processing and wholesaling outlets and there always seems to be that familiar buzz of activity around the place.

The town of Looe in Cornwall

West Looe appears to be built on the side of a lush green hill with trees and bushes poking between the houses - much of Cornwall seems to be built around hills that offer protection from the harsh weather and winds that the wintertime brings.

West Looe in Cornwall

The "hill of houses" reaches down right to the shoreline where all the boats are moored up. Some of the houses near the top have large balconies with amazing views.

Houses in West Looe, Cornwall

The River Looe dominates the area and at full tide is a swell of tidal currents. The houses in West Looe are colourful and quite dramatic as the sun sets on another lovely day in Cornwall.

River Looe in Cornwall

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