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Yorkshire Market Town

It is quite fitting that the meaning of Skipton is "sheep-town" and that gives you an indication of the history of this market town.

Situated on the River Aire in the north of the county, Skipton is around 40km to the northwest of Leeds and approximately 60km west of York.

The Leeds Liverpool canal also runs through the town, providing yet more excellent transport links in years gone by.

The Yorkshire market town of Skipton

When you visit Skipton, the first thing that will strike you is the architecture, the stone architecture that really does identify with the place.

House, walls, and bridges are all constructed from the same material throughout the town, with hardly any red brickwork to be seen anywhere.

The Yorkshire market town of Skipton

Outside the public library, there is a statue of Sir Mathew Wilson and further, up the high street, you can see the top of Holy Trinity Church.

The Yorkshire market town of Skipton

The statue of Sir Mathew Wilson is Grade II listed and has some great intricacy in the head and face. The design of the facade of the library is equally impressive to me.

The Yorkshire market town of Skipton

For years the largest employer in the town has been the Skipton Building Society and the headquarters remain on High Street, flying the Yorkshire flag proudly.

The stonework on this building and the adjacent HSBC property is visually stunning, the road is also lined with trees in front of both.

The Yorkshire market town of Skipton

At the top of High Street, just as the road bends left and right there is round about, and in the centre of that is the town's War Memorial.

A large stone obelisk with an amazing sculpture placed on top looks out over the town, complete with wings to represent victory.

The Yorkshire market town of Skipton

Skipton is a really nice place to visit, plenty to see and lots of history to experience and I haven't even mentioned the Castle!


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