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Winter Hill

Located on Rivington Moor and part of the West Pennines, Winter Hill rises some 456m into the sky to look over the West Lancashire countryside.

At its feet lies the Lower Rivington Reservoir surrounded by trees and open fields, providing a great foreground for the hills behind.

The view over to Winter Hill

Winter Hill earns its name when the warm sun of summer and the Autumn leaves have fallen, the snow and the ice appear and the hill transforms into a cold and desolate place.

The view over to Winter Hill

At the summit of the hill, there is a huge TV mast along with several other smaller antennae and radio transmitters - they are all dotted across the landscape.

In the photo below, just next to the main mast, you can see "Rivington Pike" the small castle-like turret.

The view over to Winter Hill

Whilst there is a small tarmac road that winds its way up the hillside to reach the main TV mast, there is also a very wet and boggy pathway from the "Pike" across the moors to the edges of the mast compound.

It's quite treacherous in winter after heavy rain, so make sure you have the right footwear and kit if you fancy taking on the challenge.

The TV mast on top of Winter Hill

The hill has been the site of several air crashes in the 1940s and 50s and has also been subject to several UFO sightings too.

Once you reach the summit the views over West Lancashire are spectacular and on a clear day (you don't get many) you can see the Welsh Hill and even Blackpool Tower.

The view from the slopes of Winter Hill

It's a great place to walk up with good access for walkers, cyclists, and horses, and being just a few miles from major road networks, I would recommend a trip over to Winter Hill if you get the chance.


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