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The Lockdown Walks

When Covid19 took over our lives, we could barely imagine how it would affect us, we could barely believe how our daily lives would change.

The months have now ticked by, and the "new normal" has started to become established in our psyche.

One of the big changes that everyone has seen over the last few months has been the increase in exercise, the lockdown has given everyone that little bit more time, time to invest in their health and happiness.

For lots of couples and families, this has meant regular daily walks and a chance to explore the local environment and cast an eye over things that you would not normally see.

For us, that has meant the chance to see some quite amazing skies, typically towards the end of the day as the sun sets, and the glow surrounds the fields and trees.

Of course, whilst we had some superb weather through the spring and early summer we have not had great weather all the time, the odd day we even had some thunderstorms.

But from a walker's point of view, that was part of the fun - timing the walk, in between the downpours and getting home before getting soaked. We managed it most times, but not all the time, and that in itself provides some hilarious memories.

Could you read a sky like this?

The oppressive heat built up and up and over a few days and then it came to a head with some ferocious thunder and lightning and torrential downpours.

The northwest of England is famed for its rain, but even our heads were turned with these thunderstorms, they were quite biblical at times.

But, as most people will testify, the weather has generally been quite superb and most evenings we are treated to a glorious sunset.

The Lockdown Walks will live long in the memory for me - a chance to connect with nature, a chance to connect with our community, and of course a great opportunity to further connect with the family.

Covid19 has destroyed many things and changed the way we live, perhaps forever, but it has also offered us new opportunities and offered glimpses of different ways to live your life.

Let's hope some of these stick.


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