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The Everyday Things

Life is a wonderful thing, surrounded by wonderful objects and surprises, this little piece will hopefully show the beauty of everyday things.

I am pretty sure that at some point in the day, most of us will stare at the plughole, watching the water drain away. This first image was my take on this useful and familiar object.

The plughole from above

Life is full of colour and where better to enjoy that vibrant feeling than in the garden with a windmill on a blustery day?

This next image was part of a series of shots as the wind picked up spinning the colourful little sails around at high speed.

A windmill spinning at high speed in the garden

Back inside for this next shot, and again we visit another object used every single day, by every single person.

The key to the portal between rooms and between spaces, the door handle. I love the differences between the wooden grain and the highly polished and mirror-like handle.

The door handle and lock on a wooden door

We go a little closer to life with this next image and we also go right back to our childhood with this little Lego figurine.

I was always fascinated by Lego when I was young, I loved to build things and loved to see the different building blocks and how they all could create such wonderful objects.

Of course, with all the building blocks, there had to be something that connected them with real life and that was often the small "people" that Lego created to inhabit their world.

I loved this little Lego person on his snowmobile.

A Lego explorer person on his snowmobile

Back outside for this next little shot.

The clothesline and the pegs are something we all recognize and when the weather comes together perfectly to create the ultimate "drying day" then you have to take advantage.

The plastic pegs adorn many a washing line and seem to balance perfectly ready to take the strain of the next towel or jumper.

A blue peg on a washing line on a drying day

Beer bottles are always something of interest to me, whether it is the ever-increasing levels of artistry on the bottle itself or the wonderous nature of the bottle top, there is always something to catch the eye.

This next image is one that I always love and will always make me smile, for a number of reasons. First and foremost it's the star, I love stars and this one is wonderful. Huge and gold, there is nothing timid about this design.

Then there is the black-edged white text on the edge but to include the signature on there too is a real masterpiece.

The bottle top from a beer with a golden star

I will end this little piece about The Everyday Things with a little bit of love, something we could all do with from time to time.

It's perhaps not something you would see all the time, but I love this piece and it always makes me feel calm and relaxed.

Peace and Love to all.

A white love heart created from wicker


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