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Sunset in Salou

There are some parts of Spain that have some amazing views, and in Tarragona, you can witness quite an incredible sunset.

A popular holiday resort by day and by night in equal measures, the town of Salou lies on the coast and is encircled by mountains.

This geographical feature makes for some wonderful backdrops and creates some wonderful beaches and bays.

This is the view over Platja Els pilons just as the evening sun starts to fade away at the end of another scorching day - the beach remains busy and you can catch a glimpse of the art installation to the left.

Platja Els pilons beach in Salou

That art installation is quite stunning - it is called Vela de Salou and sits on a small pier jutting out surrounded by a wooden walkway and rocks to break the waves as they come ashore.

The fisherman are lined up at the end of the walkway and the last remnants of sunshine are fading away behind the Serra de Colldejou mountains.

The Vela de Salou casts an imposing figure over the sea and mountains ahead.

Vela de Salou art installation in Salou

The beaches of Salou are really clean and friendly and of course, are a perfect place to watch the dramatic sunsets each evening.

the beaches of Salou in Tarragona, Spain

The colours created by the setting sun are quite fantastic - going from the bright yellow glare of daytime to an orange glow as it sinks behind the mountains.

It is truly stunning to sit there in the heat and watch it happen.

sunset in Salou over the sea and the mountains

Just a couple of hours on a plane from Manchester and you can be in this wonderful region to explore all the food and delicacies it has to offer, and then at the end of the day, you too can go and watch the sunset in Salou.


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