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Preston Docks

Located on the northern banks of the River Ribble, just a stone's throw from the city centre lies Preston Docks.

There is evidence of some kind of port here since the 12th century and certainly, the natural "basin" was an attractive place to moor a boat during inclement weather.

As time went on, the port developed to become Preston Docks.

Preston Docks in Lancashire

During the Industrial Revolution, the basin was lined with warehouses and factories allowing the boats to get out to the Irish Sea with their cargos.

The Albert Edward Basin opened in 1892 and the area provided a port for shipping until it closed in 1981. Since then the area has been developed into a place for leisure craft, apartments, and leisure facilities.

Preston Docks in Lancashire

Along one side of the basin are low-level housing blocks, looking out over the water to the city and beyond.

Preston Docks in Lancashire

The red bricks of the houses still do remind me a little of how the old warehouses might have looked all those years ago, especially when you see a few boats moored up in front of them.

Preston Docks in Lancashire

The still waters and milky winter light create a bit of a spooky sight, especially when the fog settles over the water.

preston docks in lancashire

The exit to the basin is protected by a swing bridge and some huge wooden lock gates, plus a small monitoring station - the gateway to the Irish Sea.

preston docks in lancashire

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