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Polperro Harbour

Polperro remains largely untouched and is a quaint and attractive large fishing village on the coast of Cornwall.

There are few places in the Cornish countryside or on the coast that are easy to get to, the roads are narrow and tend to be lined with tall hedges, but once you have navigated those, and found somewhere to park, you are treated to a feast for the eyes.

Polperro Harbour

There are hills on each side of you as you walk down to the water, but that has not stopped cottages and homes from being built around the traditional quayside fishermans cottages.

I loved the predominance of light blue and whitewash which seemed to be the perfect combination in this setting. Even a lot of the boats moored up followed this theme too.

Polperro Harbour

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Located right on the quayside, right next to a boarding ladder was this wonderful little cottage, originally the home of one of the fishermen, and you could not have been any closer to your place of work.

A fishermans cottage alongside the harbour

The commercial side of the harbour was still there, next to the museum, and in front of them, both were small fishing boats, moored up for safety and protection.

Fishing boats in Polperro Harbour

One of the boats made reference to one of the common occupations from years gone by, smuggling. The small coves were perfect for this type of work, offering shelter and protection whilst making it hard to police and intercept.

I suspect there is still some activity like this going on now, albeit on a more technical and dangerous level. Probably not in Polperro though.

Fishing boats in Polperro Harbour

As you reach the outer wall of the harbour, you are reminded just what protection and safety are all about and why it is needed here.

The coastline is harsh and dangerous and when the winter weather is at its worst you do not want to be risking hitting those rocks.

Top marks for whoever used to live in that home out there on the rocky shore line - they must have had it tough at times.

The entrance to the harbour in Polperro

These images just give you a very brief view of Polperro, it's worth a trip out there, you will experience so much more.


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