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Night Time

The city of Manchester lies in the heart of the North West of England and has a rich history and architectural heritage. The city is full of amazing old buildings which are now complemented by an unrivaled amount of new properties, that seem to be springing up all over the place.

The old cotton mills have now been replaced with plush new offices and modern glass and concrete constructions. The stark differences between the two types of buildings seem to work perfectly and create a new landscape for the city.

Of course, every city in the world is viewed differently at day and again at night. I love how things change and how it creates new looks and new angles.

The Royal Exchange Theatre building during the daytime seems to blend in with all the other ornate construction but a quick walkthrough of St Annes Square at night reveals a new look:

The buildings seem to have taken on an even more impressive look since the Covid19 restrictions, with generally fewer people around which gives you more time to gaze up at all the features.

There are some buildings that are so historically important to the city, that they decided to physically move them when some new developments came along. Imagine that, two whole buildings completed moved across the city to a new location.

Sinclairs was one of these buildings and it is now housed alongside the Cotton Exchange with plenty of outside space for people to sit and enjoy the evening, especially on a warm late summer night in the city.

Talking of the Cotton Exchange, this is a prime example of older architecture that has been cleaned and renovated to move with the times and be used for much more than it ever was in the past.

The square is really a hub of activity and modern living with open-air seating and lots of cafes and restaurants around. Something for everyone really.

It's a very different place at night, but Manchester is always a great place to visit whatever the time of day.


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