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Night and Day

Visiting a city can be fantastic both in the daytime and at night, both offer different views - here is a short exploration of Manchester.

Take the train out towards Piccadilly and you will pass through Oxford Road Station. If you get off here then you can take the steps exit to the far right of the front apron and once you get to the bottom and look up, you are greeted with this view.

Magnificent red brick and terracotta tiling on what used to be the old Palace Hotel on Oxford Road itself.

Walking to Oxford Road in Manchester

We now go over to the other side of the city centre here and onto Exchange Square, just around the corner from Victoria Station.

At night time the facade of the building comes alive and so do the neon signs of the cafes and restaurants housed within it.

The Corn Exchange in Manchester at night time

Back to daylight hours now and over to the fringes of Albert Square and one of the quirkiest buildings in the city, the bull-nosed white old insurance building.

Looking straight ahead the differing types of buildings on Cross Street are quite amazing - all kinds of brick and stonework, decorative towers, and stark concrete fronts.

The city centre of Manchester

Finally, we end our little journey with a view of the incredible interior of Victoria Station, I was mesmerized by the black downspouts and waste pipes, so high up on the wall of the building.

To the right, is the decorative entrance to an older part of the station, and to the left the wooden-fronted ticket offices.

The interior of Victoria Station in Manchester

Night and Day in any city offers you so much contrast!


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