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Formby Dunes

The town of Formby is a coastal town in the borough of Sephton in the northwest of England and is home to some quite incredible sand dunes.

The stretch of beach and sea point out towards Ireland, but behind there lies a unique habitat of sand dunes and pine trees.

Out at sea, there is a huge wind farm, that is quite visible from the shoreline.

Formby sand dunes and beach

As you drive up the Lifeboat Car Park, named in honour of the fact that Formby was the first place in the UK where a lifeboat was stationed, you are surrounded by moss and flat green land.

The green moss just before the dunes

Just beyond the moss, you reach the pine trees, and you notice them immediately with that fantastic aroma, fresh and full of nature.

Of course, as you reach the outer edges, where the trees are more exposed they are smaller and battered by the winds.

The edges of the pine trees and the dunes in Formby

The strength of the wind can never be underestimated - it creates echelons in the tree canopy forming distinct lines where it rushes over the branches and leaves.

The pine trees and sand dunes of Formby

Over the years some of the trees have been isolated and absolutely hammered by the wind. Twisted as if involved in a car crash, the branches and trunks look deformed.

The northwest coast of the UK can be a brutal place at times.

Twisted branches and leaves on Formby

The trees are not quite the final bit of greenery before you hit the beaches and high dunes, the grass somehow clings on to life in this environment.

It forms clumps and small hillocks along the foreshore.

The clumps of grass on the dunes at Formby

The little hillocks guide you into the dunes and eventually down to the beach below - you can see the wind farm out at sea when you are at this elevated level.

The sand dunes of Formby.

Finally, you hit the final route down to the beach, it all opens up and becomes flat and much easier to navigate.

It can be cold, and it will be windy, but there is something magical about the dunes of Formby, no matter what the weather is like.


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