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Escape to the Seaside

For lots of families growing up in the north-west of England for the last 30 years, one of the places to Escape to the Seaside has always been the isle of Anglesey.

A couple of hours drive from Manchester and Liverpool and you are away from the hustle and bustle of the city and able to experience the shoreline of the small island off the coast of North Wales.

Well, it's actually two islands, the main island of Anglesey and then the smaller island of Holy Island which is where Trearddur Bay is situated.

The small seaside village is characterised by its mix of wide-open sandy beaches and rocky outcrops. The beach at low tide is flat and great for walks and exploration.

Trearddur Bay on Anglesey

Trearddur Bay was originally known as Towyn Capel (or sand dunes of the chapel) but for some unknown reason, it was changed to Trearddur after a local hamlet called Tre Arthur (Arthur's Town) and the name has stuck ever since.

The town is small, with a population of around 2,000, nearly half of which are actually people from England, which is a common occurrence in places along the Welsh coast.

Of course, the beach is the main attraction, especially during the summer months, but the rocky coves that adjoin it are just as amazing, as is the old "haunted mansion" that terrified many a child when they were young. The reality is, that it is just a really spectacular house on the cliffs, but the imagination runs wild when you are small.

Trearddur Bay on Anglesey

The main beach is always popular in summer with sailing and kayaking a real attraction due to the seas around Holy Island, and the rocky coves are great for exploration, catching crabs and unearthing other sea creatures.

Trearddur Bay on Anglesey

Just up the road from Trearddur Bay is the port of Holyhead with the ferry access to Ireland and beyond, but if you are ever taking a trip out to Anglesey, then a short detour over the Trearddur Bay is something that everyone should do.

We all love to escape to the seaside every once in a while.


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