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Caernarfon Castle

It's a medieval fortress with its origins dating back to the Romans, and there is no doubt that Caernarfon Castle is one mighty impressive structure.

The castle is located at the estuary of the River Seiont and the Menai Strait (the expanse of sea that separates mainland Wales from the Isle of Anglesey), giving it a really important tactical and defensive position.

The castle walls surround a huge expanse of grass, which may be familiar to those who remember the investiture in 1969 of King Charles III as the then Prince of Wales.

The view of the interior of Caernarfon Castle

Once you climb the stone steps of one of the many towers and turrets of the castle you can get more of an idea of the size of the interior.

You may have to peek through an arrow slit to get the view, but it shows how well the castle could be defended (both externally and internally).

The view of the interior of Caernarfon Castle

Of course, given its age, lots of parts of the castle have either been destroyed over the years, or simply crumbled away, and you can see the footings of some older rooms as you walk around.

Just look how thick those walls were!

The view of the interior of Caernarfon Castle

When you reach the top of the turrets you can walk around most of the perimeter of the castle (as the guards would have done over the centuries) and it does give you a real insight into the castle's location.

You can clearly see the Welsh Hills providing the rear defense and the castle is right on the banks of the estuary giving not only protection but good transport connections too.

The modern-day town of Caernarfon is nestled right up to the castle walls.

The view of the exterior of Caernarfon Castle

Modern-day Caernarfon feeds on tourists with brightly coloured cafes and pedestrianized zones, this one below leading to the open market square.

The view from the walls of Caernarfon Castle

There are lots more things to see in Caernarfon Castle than this short trip, but I hope that it has inspired you to take the trip across to North Wales to explore some history.


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