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When you see that word, you immediately think of glossy magazines, packed full of supercars swishing through the Alps.

But this little article is nothing like that, no supercars, no alpine vistas - instead, we will celebrate the small things that surround us each day we drive.

The little cylindrical piece of plastic that pops up and down each time we click our keys shows us whether the door is locked or if it is open. Every car seems to have one, and they all seem to be pretty much the same.

a door lock and window of a car

Of course, the night brings a whole new approach to driving and the instruments that we use. The right levels of lighting can create some amazing views in the cabin - the bright blue air vent makes for a striking sight.

a blue internal air vent at night

The dashboard becomes a much more interesting item when the darkness descends - the blue lights make for a very different view than the view you would get during the daytime.

the view over the dashboard to outside at night

Now, of course, not all interiors are the same.

Let's take a closer look at the interior of a luxury car, a very high-end one to be precise, the leather upholstery, the fresh smell, and the nice chrome touches make for something really special.

brown leather interior of a luxury car

The same vehicle has quite a sensational little light cluster too, along with a very specific and personal colour scheme.

two headlights on a brand new luxury car

For the next couple of shots, let's go all retro and old school - the collectors and owners of a classic vehicle take immense pride in their work, and it shows.

The nameplate on the boot of this black car brings back lots of memories for so many people. The paintwork and chrome were outstanding.

The final classic image is perhaps the most classic of all - posted here without any further comment.

None are needed.

the detail of the bonnet of a classic luxury car


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